Online Campaign Management System

OptimaTrack - a proprietary campaign management system, tracks visitors to a site, their time of visit, the frequency of their visit and the number of such visitors that are interested in our product, service or offering. It's a nifty solution that will also point clearly to which Landing Pages are working, the ads that are working, which geography is giving us the highest RoI and so on. It also enlightens us on where specific visitors come from, and what were they searching for.

OptimaTrack aggregates all these forms of information across search engines and other portals, and is a one-stop solution to track how the campaign is performing.

Real-time information

OptimaTrack will provide us with real-time information on our campaign(s) in a user friendly graphical format. You can also export data for further analysis.


A unique tool that will enable you to track the performance of a campaign by date, time, IP address, ads, landing pages or micro-sites, geography, keyword et al. In short, this is the tool that will allow us to track RoI and help fine tune and optimize the campaign better.

Generate MIS and Specifics as you like

Designed to make your life easier, OptimaTrack allows the user to generate and view up-to-date MIS Reports at the press of a button.